Jerusalem declaration

I love catching up with Prof. Koenraad Elst’ posts every once in a while. I am never disappointed. I always learn something new. The last such visit to his site was no exception. I read these two posts on Hinduism. People who are interested in Sanatana Dharma should read these two posts. It is one thing to strive for internal evolution through religious texts. But, some of the very seers who brought us those texts had also overcome resistance (to put it, rather mildly) publicly to leave those treasures for us.

We owe it to them and to ourselves to pass them on to the succeeding generations. Going by the shape of things that have happened in the last 30 years and hence is likely to come, each succeeding generation may need those wisdom more than the previous one. But, that is a different topic for a different occasion.

In the course of reading these two posts, I came across his reference to ‘Jerusalem Declaration’. I went and perused the document. It is an amazing document. I compliment Dr. Elst for defending and applauding Swami Dhayananda Saraswati for signing it. I would have done the same. It deserves to be publicised widely. I had not heard of it until I saw the document referred to by Prof. Elst.

The PDF copy of the declaration that resulted from the Second Hindu-Jewish Leadership Summit is to be found here. It is attached to this post. Click here: 2nd_Hindu-Jewish_Leadership_Summit_Declaration

[PS: As is usual, I stumbled upon two other useful sites in the process of locating the ‘Jerusalem Declaration 2008’. Here they are. One is the ‘Forum for Religious Freedom’ and the other is the site for the book, ‘Invading the Sacred’. Pl. do spend time to read the rebuttal of Ms. Aditi Banerjee, one of the authors of ‘Invading the Sacred’ to Ms. Wendy Doniger, Professor on the History of Religions in the University of Chicago]

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