Pillaiyar Suzhi

This is the first blog post in this new blog called ‘jeevatma’. This blog is a record of my thoughts, readings, observations pertaining to spiritual evolution of human beings, howsoever it is interpreted by each one of us. Obviously, this blog and its contents will reflect my interpretation of ‘spiritual evolution’. There is no presumption to knowledge.

It is an exercise in sharing – sharing my ignorance and the attempted journey out of it and hoping to receive knowledge and wisdom in return. The journey out of ignorance may not be completed in this life time but I hope that this blog makes it a bit faster.

‘Ellam Avan Seyal’

5 thoughts on “Pillaiyar Suzhi

  1. All the very best Ananth. The universe is pervaded by One Pure Consciousness. This Uncaused Cause is beginningless and endless and the Cause of everything we see, hear, feel and a lot more. It is this Consciousness that illumines yours and my BMI and everyone else and everything else in this universe.

    May you realise this divinity from deep within the cavity of your spiritual heart!

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