I had downloaded Aldous Huxley’s ‘Perennial Philosophy’. Yet to start reading. You can find it on the Internet through a simple search. Here is one link. I was flipping through the book on my IPad. I came across the name, ‘Svetaketu’. Hence, did a search on ‘Svetaketu’. Came across this beautiful story on Svetaketu narrated by Osho.

I came away reflecting on the role of silence

If new thoughts are not felt, then you will become aware that the mind is just repetitive, just a mechanical repetition; it goes on in a rut. And there was no way to get new knowledge. With new knowledge the mind is always happy, because there is something again to grind, something again to work out; the mechanism goes on moving.

in stilling the mind, withdrawal of thoughts from absence of interaction, the humility that follows the inability to ‘show off’ his intellectual prowess to the animals he was guarding over.

Another friend who read it was struck by the idea that his Guru calls him the 1001st animal. She felt that humans were supposed to evolve from animals into humans. Yet, his spiritual evolution and realisation led him to be called the 1001st animal by his Guru.

My wife was struck by the fact that his father was worried that Svetaketu would have come back with arrogance and ego bloated after learning all the scriptures and holy texts:

The father became sad and depressed, because this is not the way of one who really knows, this is not the way of one who has come to know the supreme knowledge.

This underscores the importance of discussing such stuff in a ‘Satsang’. Each one of us would interpret what we read, see, hear or reflect on, based on our experiences, intuition and vasanas. The whole brew is enriching to all. Hope this blog is able to capture some of that spirit.

The father sent him back to the Guru to learn what cannot be taught. Read the rest of it here. The main website itself seems like a rather useful one.

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