Attempt at explaining ‘birthday reminder’

This is an explanation rather than a translation:

He describes an unthinking life where we go through its motions. We work, earn an income, put bread on the table, gossip, fret, feel sad, hurt others, hurt ourselves, grey, grow older with the passage of time and die. We go through all this, unthinkingly. That is the life Bharati finds strange. He calls people who go through such lives strange people (விந்தை மனிதர்கள்).

We can say that he challenges himself and challenges others to dare and think of a life different than this. He dares people to live with full awareness and consciousness. We can also interpret this as his prayer to Sakthi (Devi – Goddess) that she should bless him not to have an unthinking life like the one he describes above.

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