Some interesting stuff I read/watched

Was happy to read this story in ‘Indian Express’ that my wife had so kindly left open on my computer. It is about how a Muslim woman corporator took into her fold a old Namboodiri woman who was about to commit suicide and has looked after her since then, without making her embrace Islam. Lovely story.

This one is about a rich man who downsized to a 420 sq. feet apartment in New York. He says less is more. Stuff fills up the space that is there. Both chase each other without much meaning or purpose. I should know, living in a 4000 sq. feet house with just four people. Most shopping is mostly devoid of meaning and purpose. It fills an existential void in our lives and not needs. We do not probe its motivations enough. We do not want to lest it exposes uncomfortable truths that we cannot bear facing. There is peer pressure and curiously, there is also the fear of being considered ‘different’ by the group, if we acted according to our convictions, and hence being sidelined. The urge to belong is more powerful than living out one’s convictions.

This article about how boredom starts/sets in has many insightful observations that are worth pondering over:

Boredom has at its core the desiring of satisfying engagement but not being able to achieve that,” Eastwood said. “And attention is the cognitive process whereby we interface with both the external world and our internal thoughts and feelings. So it falls logically that attention must be at the core of the definition.”

When a task is so simple that it doesn’t require focused attention, he argues, we often can’t find a suitable point of engagement: We’re not expending enough effort to maintain our focus on the activity at hand, and have no other suitable point of engagement to compensate. On the other hand, trying to process an overwhelming environment with a limited amount of attention can also make us feel bored.

[My comment: As in big parties when there are too many conversations going on or in a big function like marriage, etc. Of course, my context is Indian marriage].

Research suggests that even simply taking note of the boredom-provoking conditions we’re in can offer some relief.

[My comment: Yes, becoming aware of a situation/problem is already a big step towards dealing with it, resolving it because implicit in the awareness is acceptance. Think about it].

7 thoughts on “Some interesting stuff I read/watched

  1. I wish everyone could get rich and famous and everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that’s not the answer

    – Jim Carrey

  2. Yes, acting as per one’s conviction, with the attendant risk of being looked at as different, is not easy. Rightly touched upon in this article. But, it is the key to one’s real destination. Everything else is illusory. Nice write-up, Ananth!

  3. J Krishnamurthi words below
    As we conform to the pattern of society, life must be a battlefield
    Man has accepted conflict as an innate part of daily existence because he has accepted competition, jealousy, greed, acquisitiveness and aggression as a natural way of life. When we accept such a way of life we accept the structure of society as it is and live within the pattern of respectability. And that is what most of us are caught in because most of us want to be terribly respectable. When we examine our own minds and hearts, the way we think, the way we feel and how we act in our daily lives, we observe that as long as we conform to the pattern of society, life must be a battlefield. – Freedom from the Known,59

  4. ramya’s quote of jim carrey is worthy of attention.
    I see boredom as the discontinuity- in the obsession which the human always loves to have with his/her own ‘illusory’ self. … reality stares as ‘emptiness’ to the person…. The escapes follow ..and ‘life’ goes on…
    At first sight, appears as ‘threat’ to the mind, but in fact could be a real ‘opportunity’ towards truth

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