Golden ego

On 14th April, I had sent a Tamil New Year greeting to friends borrowing lines from Subramanya Bharati’s composition, ‘Nalla Kaalam Varuguthu’. The composition is that of the auspicious predictions that a soothsayer makes. The soothsayer wishes the person in front of him good health (by wishing him a flat tummy). He also predicts the growth of Dharma and the vanquishing of old fetishes and prejudices (the poet wrote actually that ‘old madness clears up’). To these lines, I added another prayer that that let Goddess Parvathi and Maheswaran wish us all will-power suffused with wisdom.

Since I had been rather proud of my call on the price of gold from 2002, I was chaffing visibly at the recent inexplicable deep dive in the price of gold. My wife reminded me that God was only granting my  New Year prayer! Well said.

How do I achieve the goals of this blog – a journey to non-identity? I guess God is showing a way.

Incidentally, listen to this beautiful explanation by Shri. Vijay Siva, Carnatic vocalist, on ego and quality of life.


3 thoughts on “Golden ego

  1. Wisdom with heightened self awareness is more and more apparent in your writings as is the quest for spiritual growth and understanding

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