History with pride

Shri. S. Gurumurthy-ji had penned a good piece in ‘New Indian Express’ on the importance of remembering India’s past heritage and success. It is true that many travellers had recorded boundless prosperity. History of Civilisation – Vol (i) by Will Durant is devoted to the Orient. It covers China, India and Mesopotamia. There are nine chapters on India. The naysayers must read them. I read them on my IPAD on a E-readers called Kobo. All the annotations I had made were wiped out when the software upgraded itself to a new version!  If I can retrieve some of the annotations, I shall post relevant paragraphs on the overflowing prosperity in Indian cities, documented by historians and visitors to India. Hence, it was doubly disappointing to read that P. Chidambaram had made some remarks about India’s history of poverty.

That reminds me, once more, of the excellent work of few individuals in creating a course, designing a curriculum and assembling the content for an elective course on India’s traditional knowledge systems for Classes XI and XII in CBSE schools. My good friend Michel Danino played an instrumental role in the project. Here is the CBSE circular on the introduction of the elective. Savour it.

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