Prabodha Samayam

This morning I happened to listen to the three-part talk by Ms. Gayathri Sivaramakrishnan (of the Global Organisation for Divinity India Trust? –  I am not so sure). Pl. do not click on the links if you think you are going to listen to a lecture by H.H Shri. Muralidhara Swamigal on re-birth and karma. The three parts feature the lecture by Ms. Gayathri S.

The first two parts constitute the summary of the book, ‘Many lives, many masters’ by Dr. Brian Weiss. If I am not mistaken, she has spent some time with him. She mentions this in the first lecture. You can find the links to Parts 1 and 2 when you listen to Part 3 (link below).

Part 3 is particularly interesting. The importance of ‘Brahma Muhurtham’ is mesmerising and tantalising. Thomas Alva Edison came up with the Electric bulb during one of his ‘meditations’ in the ‘Hypnogogic’ state. The ‘hypnogogic’ state occurs in that time before sun-rise  (from 4 AM to 6 AM, IST?). She asks us to write down our dreams that occurred during that time.
Nochur Venkatraman told us to do the same thing if we wanted to learn how to discover our true inner consciousness, that lies beyond and above all our outward identities and identifications, in his lecture on Shri. Adi Sankara.
We can memorise the ‘Dakshinamurthy Slokam’ coming in around Minute 10 and 32 sec. in Part 3.
Yath Sakshath Kuruthe
Prabodha Samaye
Swathmanameva Dwayam
Thasmai Sri Guru Murthaye
Nama Idham
Sri Dakshinamurtaye (Slokam by Shri. Adi Sankara)
(Look inward – Swathmanameva Dwayam – in that Brahma Muhurtham – Prabohda Samaye. The ‘Hypnagogic’ state/time).
Apparently, Dr. Bruce Lipton of Cell-Biology of Harvard University has talked of ‘Biology of Beliefs’. In plain English, apparently, our cells can be altered by our beliefs. I found a link to his lecture, I think. I have not listened to it yet.
Parts 1 and 2 are nothing but a summary  of ‘Many lives, many masters’ by Dr. Brian Weiss. He has written a new book, ‘Same Soul, many bodies’ (future progression).
On listening to these lectures, one is able to appreciate how little we know and how much we have moved away in our lives from the kind of life that our Sastras told us to lead and, in the process, how little of our potential that we are able to tap into or realise.
Where, how, when and by what do I begin the process of repair or reversal of the present life/lifestyle?
Can I start by getting up at 3 AM or 4 AM? Then, there is Ekadasi Vratham to observe.
Then, there is Thirukkural, Thiruvasakam, Thirumanthiram, Bhagwad Gita, Kamba Ramayanam to learn.

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