The Observer Effect – guest post

This post too is a guest-post. My good friend’s father sent me two emails in response to my blog on astrology. It too merited an independent status as a post. Hence, I am posting it here.


Before I talk about the credibility of astrological predictions, I would like to be clear about the existence of a super power behind all the activities in this Universe. Upanishads call this power Brahman which in size is ‘anor Aniyan and mahato Mahiyan'(smaller than the smallest and bigger than biggest) and hence cannot be perceived by our organs. To see an object the wave length of the light we use should be smaller than the object itself. Thus to locate an electron we need to use gamma rays of extremely short wave length to hit it. But, the moment the gamma ray touches it disappears from the field as if hit by an electric loco-engine. Thus, we may only say the electron was probably here and probably could be somewhere else. It is therefore difficult to exactly determine both the position and the momentum of the particle precisely and thus probability enters into physics.

Now take the case of an object bigger than the biggest. No wave can match this size and the object can never be perceived in fullness. In either case we fail to see the true object. This is called the observer effect in quantum physics. To explain the physical phenomena scientists introduced a complex principle of Uncertainty. With all the scientific tools at our hands no physicist can avoid the uncertainties of the outcome of an event with regard to reproducibility in the sub atomic World and the mega Universe. Physicists who are normally agnostics were shocked in the year 1992 when COBE experiments proved the Big Bang theory and, for want of any other explanation, the existence of a super Hand behind creation and the expanding Universe. Some of the agnostics called it Jesus while we call it the Brahman.

Please pardon me for this digression. What all I am trying to do is to show that no event is deterministic and the observer effect plays a huge part in determining the outcome. For want of highly sophisticated tools, intuition, integrity and, due to the lackadaisical approach on the subject by the astrologers, the observer effects are poorly accounted for or acknowledged, leading to misleading conclusions which increases the probability of errors and which the scientists endeavour to minimize in their fields.

[My question: is the ‘observer effect’ the equivalent of harnessing the divine will through free-will actions to mitigate the bad or enhance the good effects of fate or karma?]

You have beautifully shown astrology in modern parlance. I attempt to present the same in a slightly different way.

The genetic hart (positions at birth) can be looked upon as a structural factor, the Dasa-bhukthis as cyclical factors and the transits as the animal spirits. The traditional astrologers differ in fixing the basis of the structural factors. Some astrologers take lagna as the basis, others the position of moon at the birth time and some others the stronger of the two. Then comes the opinion regarding the issue whether the owner of a particular house is strong or the occupier of the house or the sub-lord of the occupier’s constellation, thus creating doubts regarding the structure itself. Coming to the cyclical factors, whether the Dasa lord alone should be considered or in tandem with the Bhukthi lord and their relative positions is a grey area. Transits taking place all the time throw up animal spirits all the time.

Commercial astrologers are too lazy to develop sub divisional charts and study them. At most, they study Navamsa chart and make clumsy predictions despite accurate sub-divisional charts generated by computer software.

Whatever system they follow they should be able to unify all the three factors and use the relevant sub-divisional charts and significant aspects of them to predict the outcome.

Yesterday, a friend (a pious man) expressed his doubts about the gravitational force of attraction between an individual and the distant stars and the planets as, among all forces, gravitational forces are the weakest and the universal gravitational constant has a negligible value. I asked him whether he was fully convinced of the existence of a super power pervading the Universe. He agreed. I told him that this Power remains connected with everything by matter-wave properties with a power that is beyond our comprehension and transmits the forces according to one’s karma and present activities. He (a student of physics) said he found the explanation interesting and he needed to study quantum mechanics, de Broglie waves and sting theory.

In this mail, as a student of science (chemistry but deeply interested in physics and mathematics), I tried to show how human activities could be influenced by planets and stars. Kindly overlook the grammar and syntax errors.

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