From Dikshitar to Tolle

On 1st of November, as per his usual practice, good friend Bala had organised his annual Dikshitar day concert at his residence. As the Sai Sisters and then good friend Shankar Narayanan sang various Dikshitar compositions, we kept looking for the lyrics and the associated temples on the Internet. Shankar sang ‘Ardhanareeswaram’. We were discussing which temple would Shri Muthuswami Dikshitar have visited. We came across the mention of a specific Ardhanareeswarar temple in Thiruchengode. As we were searching for Ardhanareeswarar temples in Tamil Nadu, we came across a blog post about a temple for Shri. Ardhanareeswarar temple in Egmore in the website of the Isha Foundation. Excellent and inspiring work done by a group of volunteers. Their website link is given at the end of the long but very riveting blog post on the temple reconstruction. One must visit the temple.

Then, as Shankar sang ‘Meenakshi Me Mudham’, I searched for that song and came across blog posts by one Sriram V. Iyer. He had done two posts on that kriti by Dikshitar. Both the posts are well written and detailed. Some of the anecdotes he narrates as part of the posts are very moving and interesting. As I spent some more time in the site, I came across this interesting post by Mr. Sriram Iyer: ‘Identifying and reaching goals’ (link).

IN that post, he mentions that if one were to read only one spiritual book, he would recommend Eckhard Tolle’s ‘A New Earth: Awakening to your life’s purpose’. I have not read it though I have a copy. I do not know if others, who have read that book, share his intensity of emotions about the book. Let me know.

This particular paragraph from Eckhard Tolle’s book on the anger and the ‘pain body’ is particularly insightful. I doubt if Sriram Iyer was quoting Tolle verbatim. But, here goes. I am sure all of us can see our own behaviours reflected in this paragraph, when in anger:

Sri Tolle says that the ‘Pain Body’ takes over. (Pain body is the collection of all the pains stored in our consciousness over many many births). The worse thing about it is that anger will usually be redirected esp to the loved ones in the closest ring since they are most vulnerable. (The pain body wants to extract maximum pain out of the situation not just others’ but yours too!) – The worst part is not yet over – The WORST thing is that the pain body knows the weaknesses or pain points of the closest ones and then will literally devastate the closest ones by using this knowledge most often leaving a very deep scar that takes time to heal, and making you miserable for days / weeks / months together for having done / said something.

I should read this book. This paragraph is so true.

It was truly a veritable evening of treasures on Dikshitar day at Bala’s residence on November 1.

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