Chopped-off tree

Li Yimei, who travels to the classes from Shanghai with her husband Du Fu, studied yoga in India. She said she was eager to know more about the Indian culture because Yoga and Indology were inseparable.

“An excellent Yogi must thoroughly understand the way of thinking of ancient Indian philosophers,” she said.

For instance, the Chinese idiom for prostration, a submissive pose undertaken to show reverence for buddha, Wu Ti Tou Di had long been defined in Chinese dictionaries as a salute to Buddha requiring hands, knees and head on the ground. But a comparison study of the original Sanskrit and Chinese scriptures showed whenever the word appears in the Chinese version, the corresponding Sanskrit sentence is “throwing oneself down at Buddha’ s feet like a chopped-off tree” [Link]

So, what is the exact Sanskrit expression to throw oneself down like a chopped-off tree?

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