A friend experiences a serendipitous moment

I do not have his permission yet to reveal his identity and it does not really matter. But, the content is very interesting.


Hi Ananth,
It’s funny how the divine keeps giving us hints!
Just chanced upon your review of Arun Shourie’s book, you know the one I am talking about.  Which has always fascinated me in terms of it’s attempts at reconciling the concept the God with what we see in daily life!  And by God, I mean that which is as described by Shankara, not the God that Shourie spends most of his book on.
And I have reached a somewhat unusual conclusion.  Haven’t shared it with anyone, but it was too much of a coincidence reading your thoughts today, to keep it to myself.
Should be interesting to know what you think after reading what follows  🙂
One of the statements that Shourie does make is that the experiences of great sages such as Ramana and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa were ‘merely’ their ability (Arun Shourie says by chance not ability) to access a different neural pathway in their brain than normal individuals.  He gives the example of stroke patients right?
That single statement exploded like a bomb in my head.  That single statement had a very different impact on me than what it was intended to convey.
The conclusion I reached was –
What if therein REALLY lies the answer?  That it DOES NOT matter whether they accessed their extraordinary neural pathways by luck or by ability?
The very fact that they COULD do that at all – is an amazing thing.  It then remains merely a function of somehow accessing it ourselves; it’s ‘merely’ a question of finding the right technique to do that!! After all, it is the human brain!!!  🙂
Which means it is POSSIBLE for all of humanity to do that.
Which possibly means that at least some or many (the number is not important) of our ancient practices around yoga, meditation, rituals, way of living etc, could be suggestive of / guides to techniques to access these pathways.
Which in turn aligns physical / matter and energy based ‘science’ with spiritual / metaphysical ‘experiences’.
After which I chanced upon this article in the Hindu about what is called the hologenome – Is I becoming obsolete?
Which when combined with quantum states of matter and energy, then opens up an almost infinite universe of possibilities of what is ‘experienced’ inspite of the underlying ‘reality’ being the same in terms of matter and energy.  It will only be the ‘experience’ that varies.  See the link below.
Which essentially then validates every possible combination of spiritual experiences as manifestations/ subjective experience of a single infinite one underlying ‘reality’.  Ergo  – Maya and Brahman.
Which ends up completely aligning ‘science’ – as it stands today;  and ‘God’ – as described by Shankara.
Which then basically validates all of the below
a)  Are we God?  –  Yes
b)  Are we capable of experiencing who we really are – Yes
c)  Is all reality one –  Yes
d)  If all of the above is true – do we have infinite power – Yes
What follows is the ‘scientific/logical’ and ‘religious’ explanation for the above question.
WE DONT KNOW HOW – The necessary brain pathways are not accessible to us !! Ergo – MAYA.
ONE LIFETIME MAY NOT BE SUFFICIENT TO LEARN ALL THAT IS NEEDED !!  May be a physical fact / manifestation of ‘evolution’ –  Ergo – REINCARNATION.
Do I sound mad enough?  🙂

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