Tipping the hat to the Government

A friend sent me the pictures in this post. I gather that the person
with a moustache in the water with a white head covering in one photo
is C. Sylendra Babu, an Additional Director General of Police who had
no real need to get into the water if he did not want to. He is also
the one in the other photo with two children. The others in the
picture (with the boat) are probably constables. TheĀ children are not his:-). Clearly, he is not the typical ADG of Police, but there
were many officers and staff who went beyond the normal call of duty.

If you know more stories, please send them to me.

So, while we write critiques on the government’s lack of disaster
preparedness – justified too – let us also be grateful to the Almighty
for giving us selfless officers like these, cheer them and cherish
them. Doing both are not mutually exclusive.

ADG of Chennai_1

ADG of Chennai_2




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