Nirvana dasakam and other links

I had shared these with my mailing list. But, it is important to capture them here, just in case one loses the emails for whatever reason:

This is for Kaivalya Navaneetham:

This is to hear the recital of Nirvana Dasakam:

Link for text with meaning: (pretty good translation, from as far as I can tell)

This is for ‘Hastamalaka’ stothram:

This public facebook post has Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi’s translation/interpretation of ‘Hastamalaka Stotram’:

An interesting text from Robert Adams from ‘Consciousness is everything’

“I-am” Parabrahman.
“I-am” the absolute reality.
Never was I born.
Never can I die.
I am not the body nor the mind nor the doer.
“I-am” pure consciousness, all-pervading.
Fire cannot burn me.
Water cannot drown me.
No harm can ever come to me.
For I am not what I appear to be.
How wonderful this is.
You should spend all of your spare time thinking of these things.

~ Robert Adams

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