What is meditation

Passive awareness

What is meditation must be clearly understood. It is not doing an
exercise with the object of achieving something. This contains the
seed of desire. True meditation, which can bring about a
transformation, a real understanding of oneself and an astonishing
degree of peace and repose, is that in which there is n process of
concentration on any object or desire, but rather a passive awareness
of every thought and feeling, without any involvement or judgment of
any kind.

Meditation is not a seeking, or an exploration, or an investigation.
it is neither a matter of keeping the brain or mind in control, nor is
it supposed to be a ‘self-introspective analysis’. In such an exercise
there is a constant tussle going on between concentrating the mind on
a fixed point while the mind keeps wandering off. Such a conflict can
be avoided only by being passively aware of all thought as it happens,
without any resistance or opposition. Out of that awareness of the
entire movement of one’s thought, arises the awareness of one’s being.
A total absence of the personal ‘me’ as the individual doer that opens
the door to creative happening.

Source: Page 39, ‘The One In the Mirror – see what you truly are!’ Ramesh S. Balsekar

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