Flying the flag

This Reuter’s report carried by ‘The Guardian’ is all too predictable even as it is all too distasteful, repugnant and wholly malicious.

Looks like it is a do-or-die battle between those who battle for the right idea of India and those who wish to reduce India to that of an idea.

Heard from a friend, separately, the following. Quoting her email, verbatim:

Major General Gagandeep Bakshi, a tough old soldier, who spent his life upholding the very freedom that these deracinated, self-loathing fiberals abuse with such impunity, broke down on national TV.

And do you know the reason?

Maj. Gen. Bakshi could not comprehend HOW any INDIANS could oppose the flying of the INDIAN flag in INDIAN universities funded by taxes collected from INDIAN citizens!

Yesterday, it was not an old soldier who cried. It was INDIA crying.

This blog post provides useful information on his breaking down. Watch the mind-boggling videos here.

2 thoughts on “Flying the flag

  1. Dear Ananth,

    It is indeed a do or die battle for the soul of India. And for a change it appears that the good guys are winning.

    The anti-national cabal in the media is trying every trick in the book, but now none of the tricks seems to be working. Whether it is trying to shift the attention away from the foul-mouthed traitors at JNU to O. P. Sharma and the lawyers at Patiala House Court, or trying the “he is just an innocent student” bit with Omar Khalid (as they did earlier with Ishrat Jehan), or implying that “forcing” government-funded universities to fly the national flag is an intrusion on their “autonomy,” everything is falling flat on its face. The counter-attack is being led, not by the government or the BJP political party, but by ordinary citizens who have finally had enough.

    We Indians no longer care about the opinions of Guardian, BBC, NYT, WaPo and other such outfits. We have seen through then too. NYT has deliberately put one virulent racist bigot after another as their Head India correspondent, and now they are reaping the results as many persons (myself included) refuse to patronize their web site. With their US operations being totally unprofitable, it is only a matter of time before the NYT shuts down. Poor Amol Rajan tried so hard to ingratiate himself to his white masters at The Independent, only to have that rag cease operations in a month’s tine. Now he will have to a$$-lick a fresh set of white masters!

    JNU and probably all other Central Universities, which have an overdose of Humanities and Social Studies departments, need to be shut down permanently. Far, far worse than the “students” at these places are the “professors,” who don’t teach anything other than sedition. While students come and go (though they do seem to hang around for a long, long time), the professors are there forever. The government should just pay them their salaries until normal retirement, but throw them out of their jobs, so that they cannot pollute any more young minds. I was appalled to find out that the annual fees at JNU for people studying those worthless subjects was Rs. 219 per year, whereas IIT students who will create wealth for the nation pay Rs. 2 lakhs per year — ONE THOUSAND TIMES MORE! In a rational world, it should be the other way around.

    The phenomenon of “liberals” misinterpreting “freedom of speech” to mean the right to insult whomsoever they wish while simultaneously shouting down all others who hold a different viewpoint, is not restricted to India alone. One sees it in American universities too. This is why in most states, there is very little enthusiasm for supporting public funding for universities. One day some brave university President will suggest bifurcating his/her state university into STEM and non-STEM fields, and advocate separate funding for each entity. Then that would be the end of these third-rate intellectuals cum bigots enjoying their cushy lives.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Sagar, for taking the time to share your thoughts in detail, here. Your comments on this topic will leave visitors to the blog have a lot of things to think about.

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