This blog is an attempt – as many others have made – to initiate and sustain a dialogue on matters that I find inspiring, elevating, uplifting, disturbing, interesting and useful.

I have another blog at http://thegoldstandardsite.wordpress.com that predominantly deals with International and Indian Economics and financial markets. Hence, this blog is devoted to everything else but those two.

I follow classical music and cricket although I claim no expertise in either. Hence, occasional posts would feature these topics.

The fond hope is that the author and at least some of the visitors to the site would, one day, convert this into a movement for positive change in something, somewhere.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. a journey to non-identity – when can be performed astrologically speaking?
    during saturn dasha [towards the end period] or during ketu dasha or during mercury dasha…?
    which stage of life… when one is free from one’s social responsibilities… or when one becomes so detached that the society becomes loveable…?
    from clutter to clarity- again when can this be possible…
    during mercury dasha…?

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